LivesToken Total Issued Amount and Allocation

       LivesOne is proactively embrace the future and adhere to the principle of open, transparent, democrate, and decentralization. LivesToken will become the hard currency of Symbiosism Economy to agglomerate values for all the users and share the bonus of new economic form with both businesses and users. LivesToken(LVT) will be issued a total of 28 billion tokens. 20% of the total issued tokens will be held for investors, 20% will be held for the founding team, 10% will be held for marketing promotions, and the last 50% of the tokens will be held for mining. Each year's upper limit of mining tokens will be 60% of the previous year, and founding team's tokens will unlock 2% per year. 

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In the Internet age, LVT, a new cryptocurrency that solves value realization problem is born. Are you ready?

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