LivesToken's Appreciation Logic

1. Scarcity: Symbiosism system will be mainly introducing mainstream Internet applications like Maxthon Browsers. It means that those businesses mostly have a million or even larger user scale. And the distribution of LivesToken will be rather quick. With the mining difficulty rose, the LVT obtained through mining will be reduced and hence encourage users to trade through secondary market.

2. Circulation: Million level of users plus different types of mainstream consumption scenarios(game, E-commerce, ads, E-book, livestreaming, etc.) will largely enhance the circulation of LVT.

3. Appreciation brought by system development: The market value of a cryptocurrency will be in a proportional relationship with the eco system that it relied on. Beijing AoYiQuKuai Technology Limited will introduce all of its long-term partners to the Symbiosism system and the system’s value will surely raise. Therefore, LivesToken’s value will be boost up by its underlying system’s development.

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