What Will LivesOne Be Like In The Future?

1. Two Universes: 

The LivesOne development is generally devided into 2 stages. We call it Centaur Universe and Wukong Universe.

Centaur Universe: Where LivesOne will use a mixed structure. Centralized mining method and distributed value storing method(through LivesToken, a ERC20 token).

Wukong Universe: Where LivesOne will start its own public blockchain (LivesChain). Enabling more dApps run on LivesChain. The LivesToken will be transferred to LivesChain on an 1:1 proportion.


2. LivesOne’s Major Milestones:

Jul. 2017 - Team building and project approval

Aug. 2017 - Identify the LivesOne’s base model & complete the whitepaper

Sept. 2017 - Identify early investors and consultants

Oct. 2017 - Institutions and individual investors completed investment

Jan. 2018 - Start Centaur Universe. Maxthon Browser Symbiosism version officially launch and support mining for LivesToken

Apr. 2018 - Create 3 - 5 application scenarios for LivesToken and start LVT’s circulation

Sept. 2018 - 30+ Maxthon partners joining Symbiosism system

Oct. 2018 - Continue to attract global blockchain technology elite to create more innovative LivesOne technologies and applications

Dec. 2018 - Prepare LivesChain and Wukong Universe

Dec. 2020 - Let 500 million Internet users to become beneficiaries of Symbiosism Economy

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